Passion don’t have any borders & Barriers -20-Yrs Pakistani Female rider Ride From Lahore to Kashmir

Passion don’t have any borders & Barriers – #MILESTOGO

-20-Yrs Pakistani Female rider Ride From Lahore to Kashmir – THE ZENITH IRFAN

In a country like Pakistan, where changes from social norms & standards are generally considered a taboo, Zenith Irfan a 20-year-old girl is defying societal boundaries. What kind of passion she was carrying is incredible. Nobody have any idea how much support she had and what kind of mental fitness she carried.

Writing about travelling is easy task but describing about each and every aspects of it are toughest job. It is like describing & telling your pure love to your partner in the limited words, showing to world how much you love your partner.

In the same case, we could write about micro things, journeys and experiences during travel but not in the exact manner and reality, which can’t be described. Now this blog is trying to written is all about one person- Zenith Irfan,

Zenith irfan ride from #Lahore to #kashmir with enormous passion, confidence and a bike. She inspired by the dream of her deceased father who “wanted to travel the world on a bike”, Zenith completed a six-day  ride from Lahore to Kashmir. What made her travels even more interesting is her choice of vehicle: a motorcycle. #MILESTOGO team salute to her for her passion.

Undergoing a journey like this will be a big deal in India too specially for female, but it is an even bigger deal in conservative Pakistan where a woman travelling alone is really a taboo. India also have a solo rider named #Roshni sharma who is the first female K2K (Kanyakumari to kashmir) solo rider. She also got many obstacles while riding on bike. #Zenith irfan did it in pakistan, which completely change the meaning of riding motorcycle. Ride is all about passion and both the girls proved it well. I am also a rider, so i could realize what kind of roads, obstacles, people and theories we faces, but being a female rider, story have changed automatically which comes to end with one point that is SAFETY. that’s why Zenith broke the tendency of the Orthodox-es. You can see a picture in this blog which you may realize what type of Support people gave to her.

Zenith started her six-day journey from Lahore on June 14, 2015 and completed it on June 20, 2015. On her return, Zenith documented her journey in a personal photo blog on Facebook, you can see on , #Miles to Go – MTG or Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels.

Zenith told that ” “My father wanted to travel the world on a bike. I was 10-months-old when I lost him and at a very tender age I understood that “some things just don’t last forever. I guess it’s the whole emotional roller coaster that ignited the inner biker girl. I was 12 when I first rode one. All I could remember saying was “How do you stop this? How do you stop this?” With a twist of the throttle, the shift of the gear, I went to places carrying my father’s legacy.”

The brave heart girl also mentioned that she did not face any resistance when she decided to make this journey. “My mother is a very liberal woman. In fact, she was the one who motivated and pushed me to ride a motorcycle,” she told Daily Pakistan in an interview. Unleashing the biker girl in her, the voyage has helped her connect to nature and even revived her spiritual senses. Her lifestyle on the road includes a lot of camping, meeting the locals and playing with kids. What’s more, she even made it to Humans of Pakistan and shared her inspiring story with the nation.

Some important lines which Zenith shared with us –

“It’s not easy to travel. You have to close a billion doors to conquer and experience one moment in your lifetime. A sense of numbness may still surround you. All the risks you never took, all the destinations that you never bought a ticket too.

You choose to stay here, you choose to not close those billion doors and in that moment, you reside all the fantasies that you wished you could have lived for a second inside your head.

It’ll never end. No matter how much you travel, how much you explore, there will be always some place that you wished you could have gone. — in Gilgit-Baltistan.”

When you reach a destination, you feel the inertia getting through you. You sit there waiting for the sense of accomplishment to hover over your existence. But with that sense comes another emotion – “Dès Vu: The Awareness That This Will Become A Memory”

One day you’ll look back at a picture, and it’ll mean something entirely different. Maybe you’ll cringe and laugh, or drown yourself in a wallow of nostalgia. Maybe you’ll want to change it – yourself. You try to sense ahead of time, looking for clues, as if you were walking through a pathway of memories, feeling for all the world like a time traveller.

You try to read other people’s faces, each frowning & fretting for the day’s concern, yet they don’t know that it is already out of their hands. That it just doesn’t have to be this way, it just sort of happened. You’re already a time traveller, leeping into the future with tiny steps – take one last look and say goodbye for now for this will turn into a memory.

You’re two people still separated with an ocean of time. Part of you bursting to talk about what you saw. Part of you longing to tell you what it all means.

Her story is perfect example of Women empowerment.Zenith proves that Female have equal rights, and they can do the anything if they will have passion about it.

“Passion doesn’t ask for permissions or any set of the rules, Passion is what gets your blood racing and can change a normal person into a achiever” – Ashutosh Shrivastava aka Aashu


—Ashutosh Shrivastava


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Travel to the Highest Motorable road in the World- Ladakh ( a road of 11 dangerous passes)

Travel Story

“Travel to the Highest Motorable road in the World- Ladakh ( a road of 11 dangerous passes) “

“Ladakh – A magnetic place” ( A road of 11 Dangerous Passes)“Undisputed Roads experience of Ladakh”Ladakh is made by mountains and made up of mountains. Sheer walls of rock and ice divide the Indus Valley, Tibet, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, and human habitation is restricted to narrow strips of greenery clinging to the rivers that drain down from mountain glaciers. This rugged region is home to one of the last undisturbed Tantric Buddhist populations on earth, protected from colonial interference, rampaging Mughals and the ravages of the Cultural Revolution by sheer force of geography.This popular hill station is famous for its picturesque views, peaceful natural bliss and elegant monasteries. This rough exterior and spiritual culture delights travellers with adventure sports, spiritual insights and peaceful beauty.

You have two options to go for Ladakh –

1) By bike or car (road trip)

2) By flight to Leh and then by car.

Season Starts from end June to October every year.

Normal itinerary which can be extended as per traveler’s passion and liking.

you have to take permit to visit some places in ladakh which will get from Leh SP office.

Beautiful but dangerous Passes which we crossed during trip :

1) Zoji la Pass

2) Fatlu la

3) Khardung la

4) Chang la ( Shyok)

5) Chushul

6) Rezang la

7) Tanglang la

8) Lachung la

9) Naki la

10) Baralacha la

11) Rohtang pass.

“Everyone wants to Travel but some dare to” – Ashutosh Shrivastava

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Travel Story “”Challenging Ride to Mandu””

Travel Story

“Challenging ride to Mandu”

“A Challenging Monsoon Bike Trip- Mandu

During the 2nd week of July, Monsoon prediction-ed heavy rainfall on the month of july specially on last week. Me & My friends (Rana, Raja, Yaman, Shubham, Bharat, Puneet) were sitting at the tea stall & discussing about the small weekend bike trip.

7 members were ready for the weekend trip on 25th July, but our greatest concern was Rain. because it was not easy to ride on the roads with heavy rains.

Riders :








So, We gave the name to this trip “CHALLENGE ZONE TRIP”. On 25th of july 2015, at morning 6, all of us met at Rajpoot Dhaba with our bikes (Royal Enfields, Pulsars), where we always gather to have tea. Favorably,Sky was Clear- No rain, we started Journey from there. Stopped at a petrol pump and then left again after filling tanks of our bikes.

We were driving smoothly then suddenly after 15 kms drive, heavy rain falls started. It seemed like somebody tried torturing us saying now- dare to drive . But Riders Confidence was on a greater height , nobody could stop them. we were continuously driving but at a slow speed because of heavy rains, roads, tarmac & huge vehicles . We stopped at 11am at sonkatch, Pappu & Pappu dhaba for breakfast and tea. ( Everybody were looking with big open eyes. Some asked us about our dare to travel in that rains. Some shaked hands, and wished all the best ). Randomly i asked to one of the riders about breaks & oil then i found that breaks were not working of his bike, its was problem for us. There are Hilly roads in Mandu, so i was concerned about that. Then we decided to repair this problem in indore.

We reached Indore at 2, still it was heavily raining, much more louder than before. We managed to reach the Royal Enfield service centre for repairing of breaks. After 1 hour we left for Mandu, but crossing Indore via city traffic is not an easy task. It Consumed 1 & half an hour to cross indore and there was a new problem welcoming us , which was rivers & nallas were overflow due to heavy rains. some roads were closed yet some were open. Open roads were in worst condition- Clouds, Tarmac, soil, water. After chasing the roads and enjoying the views of Mandu hills we reached to mandu at evening 6pm. It had been totally 12 hours drive. Nobody can believe us but literally clouds were running on roads, it was a amazing view. but roads were not clear due to clouds. I again experienced & saw the same feeling when i visited Spiti valley, Ladakh- Leh, or anywhere like Valleys – “Beauty of Nature is always situated on the toughest terrain”

When we were driving in the rain at afternoon, thinking about non veg meals , drinks & proper stay at hotel, but there was a new problem again when we reached Mandu. All hotels were full, No vacant rooms available. Hotels which were vacant ,prohibited for non veg and drinks. Now all Riders who drove 350 kms in 12 hours with Continuously rains, were deranged. We all need proper stay,Meals & drinks to relax, otherwise rain water could hit our health.

After driving 12 hours, we all were searching hotels here & there. After 2 hours of struggle with special requests somebody allowed us for good rooms ,drinks but Veg meals. Might be that was our good luck that worked at that time, otherwise we could not find any other options. (Credit goes to Shubham, who directly talked with hotel MD for our concern)

Next day, We visited Falls, Mahals and all local sight seeings. Actually views were awesome, Roads in clouds view was much fanastic, but that day was Sunday, all the funny families, people were come to there for picnic. Suddenly huge Crowd arose on the places and they mashed up all the beauty with Food packets, Rapers, etc etc dustbin items. We left for our Non veg meal Fantasy over there. By Luck, one the small Dhaba was making Desi chicken. After the Lunch we left for bhopal, but this time we choosed another route. that was our biggest mistake because that route- Dhar route , was in its worst condition. Road Patches were drastically broken. 90 kms of roads traveled in 5 hours. It was about 10 pm , dark night. We stopped at a tea corner at Rau, near by indore for some snacks, & tea, and then left for Bhopal. There were so much heavy rain falls. It was not easy to drive at even 30kms/h speed. We weren’t able to see anything on road because of rains.

With 3 more Stops (Where every owner of dhabas, restaurant were shocked to see us because we drove bikes in rains at whole night) We reached to Bhopal at 4 am. The Main Surprise element for us was- Rains stopped where it was started at journey. so that’s why we realized, this trip tried to torture us and our plans, but we successfully completed it.

Thanks to all my friends who Rided offroad first time and it was a extreme conditions, but they never lost hope and faith.

” You can Quit anytime but Riding further is all about Dare “- Ashutosh Shrivastava

– Aashu

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Heart of Kangra-Dharamshala”

Dal Lake

Dal LakeDSC06826

pure water from valley

pure water from valley




DSC06861 DSC06864




“Dharamshala – Land of Pure Meditation/Healing/Yoga”

My life was going good, Everything was perfect, No Health Problems, No tension, nothing to worry but there was a thing which gave me a little bit unsatisfied behavior. As I am a continuous Meditation practitioner , I was very curious & Hungry about pure meditation forms & wanted to experience it. so, i visited nearest temples/monasteries/ places for meditation but not satisfied with all. There were good places for peace and relaxation, but that were not a perfect one which i actually want to experience “a true feeling of Meditate” . The place which could provide a pure meaning of Mediation & peace was still searching…

When i was driving my bike in my city, a Buddhist monk stood aside the road for waiting a bus, I gave him a lift to drop him to the destination which actually nearby from my route. Discussion with the monk while driving gave me a new information about the place which i had been searching from 4-5 months. He told me about the perfect place for meditation. he also used to go that place every year to meditate. I was quite happy with the information. Now the thing was that how i didn’t know about the important information regarding discussed place, where many tourists go for enjoyment/ scenic view but nobody notices for this.

The Monk suggested me a place named “Dharamshala”, Himachal Pradesh.

Everybody is very familiar with the place Dharamshala but very few knows about its magical story and its Magic.

Now My journey started from Bhopal, My City. i picked up the train for chakki bank station, then next day i used a bus service for tour of Temple of Mata Aashta Bhuja, Saperu. then, after a night stay in temple, washed out from soul then, I moved to the path of Dharamshala by bus. Journey was very good & the view which i saw inside from the bus was amazed me. Many of the foreigners , domestic people sat on the rocks of valleys and studied books, Meditations. I was seeing the view to the very sincere way. then bus reached to the bus top. Some people went out and come in . I was surprised to see poeple because everyone was very happy without any reason, then i learned Happiness not come from any reasons or things, It is our greatest assets and it’s our rights.

Now i reached to the Dharamshala.

Dharamshala is divided into two distinct areas that are separated by a 20-30 mins,  10 kms bus or jeep ride.

  • Lower Dharamsala, consists of most of the government offices, Schools, the local Hospital, and commercial areas. It also has a few tea gardens. One in the area of Chilgari and another just beyond Dari. It is a typical small Indian town that, other than for the bus station, is of little interest to tourists. One can enjoy the view while driving through.
  • Upper Dharamsala, known more commonly as McLeod Ganj is named after Sir Donald Friell McLeod the once the British Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab. It is home to the Tibetan community and the centre of tourist activity. Unless specifically stated, all listings in this article refer to McLeod Ganj.  

You can see many places near to the Dharamshala. My basic motto to visit a place for which i had been coming from over 1000 kms.

The place were Tibetan MonestoriesTushita Meditation Centre.

When i reached the place i got know the entry was closed for 2 days.Then, I arranged a place for stay.

Next morning, i visited local places and Enjoyed a relaxation feelings. When i was walking to the street and places, I noticed that many Indians came there for enjoyment, Drinks, & fun but few people- some indians & Foreigners came over there for a reason, Might be our reasons were same.

That day i visited Dal lake, Bhagsu waterfall, etc. I also enjoyed scenic views. Rain fall was much so I troubled to move here & there.

You can also visit below places in Dharamshala :

Naam Art Gallery

Tibet Museum

Tibetan Library

Bhagsunag Fall


Dal Lake

Indrahar pass


2nd day I went for Meditation- Tsuglagkhang Complex, then Monestories & Tushita Meditation Centre.

There was a peace, relaxation & Proper Meditation environment.

Slowly thunder wind touched my soul when i was meditating with closed eyes. It was my Amazing experience. After spending 3 days with same routine i got to know what meditations actually mean. My little bit unsatisfied behavior gave me Much .

So, “Stay live & Stay Unsatisfied”, then You’ll get new Experiences, New Knowledge, New excitement.


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“Way to Peace & Power”

Travel Story

“Way to Peace & Power- Lauhal & Spiti”

“A Dream Trip – Law of Universe”

On 25th July 2014, random party day. Me and My friends were chilling out in party. Suddenly a voice came from me and everybody moved out from the senses.

My Words- “Bro i want to celebrate my upcoming Birthday on 22nd of September on Chandtratal, or any where in Valley via Offroad.” Everybody looked at me like I am an alien . That was Normal for me because i am a Passionate Travler,Photographer,Off roader.

Two weeks passed out from this incident, Randomly My friend who is traveler called me for Offroad trip ,and its was my Law of Universe which made this offroad trip to Lauhal-Spiti. First i was surprised after listening that My offroad trip was automatically planned.

After a Long Conversation with My friend we decided to go Lauhal-Spiti ,but there was a Problem like every dreams faces . They wanted to go with Mahindra Thar but I wanted with Royal Enfield. Now We both concluded with a point that some of my friends would travel in thar and I would travel by Bike.

Now on 19th Of Sept,2014, I traveled from Bhopal to Delhi via Train, Then on 20th of Sept traveled from delhi to Shimla via bus, Reached shimla in the evening  Then hired a Bike of Royal Enfield and Checked out all engines/machines/tubes/oil properly working or not.

Next day at 5:30am i woke up ,& after setting up all my luggage on bike with filled petrol cane, i started my Journey.

“Manali-Rohtang-Keylong-Chandratal-Kunzumpass-Kibber-Pinnvalley-Kaza-Dhankar-Tabo-Nako-rekong peo-Shimla-Delhi”

After fulfilled My dream with my friends and Valleys, i am more confident with anything.

That was my Awesome Experience with Solitary valleys/Lakes/Roads which push you and birth Jizz in you to thinking about yourself.

Nice place/People & Environment.

Personal Recommendations-

if anybody are felling anything wrong in their life, If you are feeling Low, less confident about anything or want to explore yourself,

Then GOOD, it is a right time to Pack your bag and travel to Lauhal-Spiti Trip.

You will be more confident and more self concentrated. You will be a person as your Heart need & want.


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